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Somarasa -
The Tantra Side

Feel The Essence of Beyond!

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Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 1

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Volume 1

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Volume 2

Somarasa- The Tantra Issue!

How much do you know about Tantra?

Why is this topic considered a taboo in India?

Why does the world have a misconstrued idea about Tantra?

This issue will take you in the journey of Tantra, a world that is astonishing as well as intriguing. 

Dwell deep into Tantra and subscribe to "Somarasa".

Break the Cycle

This Magazine will share a deep knowledge of spirituality. It will be beyond anything what you have seen in other magazines.

So, dive deep into the knowledge and let your mind do the rest of the work.

Feel the Mother's Embrace

The Goddess aspect of Somarasa is way beyond the motherly love. The divine feminine aspect will help you to become a better being.

So, gift yourself the beauty of wisdom goddesses. 

The Art Side

The magazine has a lot of art that can help you to feel the spiritual side of yourself. Most of the art will make your heart go wow. 

If you have any art that connects you with the other side, do share it with us in WhatsApp along with the story. We would love to feature those in our upcoming Magazines.

Poetry and Spirituality

Do you like Poetry? 

Worry Not.

We have get that covered in our Magazine. Get your hands on some of the best poetries.

A Digital Magazine to awaken your inner wisdom.

Somarasa is a spiritual Digital Magazine.

In each  issue of "Somarasa" you will find spiritual inspiration on your path toward a more aware, conscious and fulfilling life. 


Articles on wisdom teachings, spiritual practices, science and spirituality, prayer and meditation, healing, personal journeys, sacred ecology, transformational art and more, will encourage and inform your journey. 

The special QR feature will help you to explore more about the topics and enlighten you in the field of spirituality.

So, Come with us in a journey to the Beyond. A journey towards Tantra.

Do subscribe and give yourself a gift of wisdom!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Our Payment Servers are Out of Service. For Subscription DM us on Instagram.

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Are You Ready to Explore the Left Hand of The God?

Somarasa is a Magazine that will touch your soul once you start reading it. It will excite you in many ways. The Tantra edition will have a lot of things that you'll see in upcoming Journey. We assure you that this issue and the upcoming issues of Somarasa will intrigue you in various ways. 

So, be a part in this Tantra Journey. 

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